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I've learned A LOT about how to make websites work. Then, in the middle of 1999, CWS launched Hudson Valley Help (the region between NYC and Albany, NY), Capital Area Help (Albany, NY) and Rochester Help (Rochester, NY). from concept to multi-million dollar cash generators in less than seven years. It provided website design, content creation, usability (read: maximize traffic conversion), and search engine ranking improvements.

Are you happy with letting more than 90% of your visitors click away from your site without doing business with you? In just a few months it was obvious that the idea of a locally branded and promoted help wanted website was a hit. with a partner, secured .5M in venture capital and continued launching more than 340 locally branded and advertised help wanted websites across the United States and Canada.

The conversion and marketing techniques I highlight on this site and in my blog made RHW grow so fast that it was named one of the Entrepreneur Magazine's Top 100 Fastest Growing Entrepreneurial Companies in the United States.

Basically, the marriage between our two companies makes perfect sense and ultimately, the users of will benefit with more options for meeting that special someone than other sites offer." said Vince Gelormine, Founder & CEO of Pre-Dating Events.

I suspect it’s much more difficult for those looking to meet Mr. I’ve found that social networking sites like My Space and Facebook are great ways to meet people—and don’t think they’re only for the kids.

I had reservations when my young friends at work suggested I put up a My Space site, but I’ve had a lot fun with mine and I’ve made quite a few friendly connections.

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