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‘Laura’s dressed for Wimbledon today, look at you in your summer outfit and lovely bump,’ Ben began.

The presenter told him: ‘I can’t play anyway so it’s a good excuse.’ – to which Ben promptly replied: ‘You will be playing swing ball like you always do, so don’t you worry’ – before adding: ‘Isn’t that how we got in this situation?

She then went to the Los Angeles Times, where she was the deputy mobile editor.

She sent the newspaper’s first-ever push notification and helped develop mobile strategy. Times, she started as an adjunct professor at USC Annenberg, teaching Introduction to Online Media.

Laura Eason's finger-on-the-pulse, two-person play, SEX WITH STRANGERS, is a show so stuck in the Now, so much a part of the experience of America in the second decade of the new Millennia, that I can't help wondering what its shelf life will be.

How long will it be before it falls in the dated department along with ?

Things that were better." --Olivia in SEX WITH STRANGERS Certain works of art act as a reflection of a particular time period.

is even becoming more and more dated the further from 2003 that we get.

Urm, I guess you can tell when somebody is interviewing you with no idea of who you are and what you do, and it's hard not to feel offended that ultimately that's a waste of everyone's time: theirs, mine, and the readers', who aren't gonna get much from a half-baked inquisition. Began to develop a ~craft~ I suppose you could say. I suppose as soon as I got my heart broken I started jotting down notes - just for me, really, to - again - understand what it was I was feeling.Please note this is a short story of 10k words Melinda is on her way to a wedding she does NOT want to attend, driving through a snowstorm, when she veers off the road.Without a working car and not cell service, stuck in the snow, she is clueless on how she will get out of this conundrum. Once I understood that, I set to learning how to make what was on the screen in front of me as interesting as possible. I have always had to put pen to paper to figure stuff out, but I suppose it's not until I started blogging ten years ago and making a public habit of it that I began to understand that ah, no, not everyone processes information this way.

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Fortunately Jamie sprints back to Alan's in time to have appeared with Emily all day.

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