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He stopped me and asked me if my name was Archana (weak attempt to get my attention but it worked). This began the start of a friendship for 3 years, which evolved into a more romantic relationship.” The photos below are from award-winning photographer Paul Thava from Redefined Arts, who captured the images in Dubai and India.In Norway there is no ban on extrajudicial, religious marriages.

As a feminine culture, Danes have more flexible gender roles, which allows them to be more relaxed when considering romantic relationships.I was from Norway and he was from Switzerland, but Europe is small enough, especially in the Tamil community that we would run into each other in person.Turns out, as we were both dancers, that we got to meet for the first time in-person at a dance competition in Denmark in 2006.Norway is generally a very liberal country, and you will come a long way by just using common sense.Still, there are things that might be different from what you are accustomed to.

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The pre-wedding shoot: Wedding highlights: Looking to create your love story?

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