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Who is tamara mellon dating

Despite the success of the Jimmy Choo brand, there have been some bumps along the way.In 2004, Mellon’s father, Tom Yeardye, died suddenly after having a brain aneurysm, and the following year, she and her husband Matthew Mellon, scion of the Pittsburgh banking family, ended their marriage after a messy divorce.Mellon’s business savvy is well-documented: She was among the first to bring designer shoes to the red carpet at a time when dressing celebrities was still a new concept, and she set up camp in a hotel room before the 1999 Oscars for fittings.In 2001, Choo sold his 51 percent stake in the business. Over the last several years, Mellon has driven not only the growth of the brand, overseeing collaborations with H&M, Hunter, and Ugg, among others, but also its creative development, and took an active role in the design aspects of Jimmy Choo’s shoe and accessories lines, as well as forays into new areas, including the launch of a fragrance.The line melds old school luxury craftsmanship with forward-thinking design with prices starting at 5.The collection is priced at approximately 50% below traditional luxury retail pricing with 60% of styles priced under 0.Tamara Mellon, shoe queen, mistress of a multi-million pound empire of heels, has left the company – Jimmy Choo - that she co-founded in 1996.

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Three years ago, Mellon had to negotiate an internal battle, wrestling control of Jimmy Choo from her then CEO, Robert Bensoussan, who had tried to sell the company out from under her.

The tabloids have feasted on the particulars of her love life—she’s been romantically linked to both Kid Rock and Christian Slater.

"I've moved here and managed to clear up a lot of the wreckage.

I feel like I've arrived in New York with a clean slate, and I have a whole new set of challenges ahead of me.

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She started the business with Jimmy and his niece, Sandra Choi.

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