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The sex performers reportedly engage in lesbianism with each other for an online audience.Police were tipped about the activities in the house by one of the sex performers who managed to escape from the house.

Sylwander said the Philippines received 7,000 reports of cybercrime a month, half of which related to child sex abuse.

Poverty is a driver with many parents expecting their children to contribute financially.

One group of young children rescued in Manila said they were paid 150 pesos (NZ.70) to take part in shows. Researchers in the Philippines who are carrying out a major survey on violence against children, to be published later this year, have found shockingly high levels of sexual abuse within families, she said.

While it looked like the wedding was still on for the happy couple, new reports hint that Andy has dumped Ed.

According to The Sun, Andy is embarrassed by the whole situation.

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In total 58 women, spanning 12 streets across Folkestone, openly advertised where they lived and what they offered online.

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