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Updating feisty fawn

We have a large constituency of record publishers and deployed software that we have a duty to protect.If there are compatible extensions that can be made to encourage more SPF record publishing and checking that support the mission of preventing unauthorized use of domains in e-mail, I am in favor of them.This is what I've been working on and this is what I will encourage others to work on if elected.I believe that SPF RFC 4408 for the next few years.The Dell Ideas in Action Blog announced as much earlier today, stating very clearly that Ubuntu was their distribution of choice, and that they have worked out the specifics of the deal with Canonical, the entity that support Ubuntu’s development. According to Canonical’s Jane Silber, the timing couldn’t be better: There is a video interview with Mark Shuttleworth over at the Direct2Dell blog in which he talks about how the deal came about, and how this will make wide Linux adoption a much easier goal to achieve.He’s right when he says that this will increase Linux’s visibility across the board, and draw out closet Linux technologists who will now see some commercial benefit to advertising the Linux expertise they had, but never really talked about before.Maybe AMD needs to catch up and brush up the ATI drivers – open source them and have a fighting chance in the newly growing desktop Linux market.

The interesting thing is, I wonder if Dell sees the future, can the others be far behind.

I recently obtained a Trusty Tahr ISO via and installed it into a VM. I believe this corresponds to the "trusty linux-lts-wily" table at people.canonical.com/~kernel/info/and this: launchpad.net/ubuntu/trusty/ package/…

At the same time I have a laptop with Trusty Tahr whose kernel version is 3.19 (still receiving updates).

So the numbers part is easy, 14.04 was released on the 4th month of the 2014.

Ubuntu 13.10 was released on the 10th month (October) of 2013.

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This document details what I've had to do to get things up and running, in particular with regard to CCP4.